DELUXE Russian Piping Tips 52 pcs. Icing tips Russian Nozzles For Cake Cupcake Decorating Supplies Frosting tips Baking Supplies Set 27 Icing Nozzles Russian tips EXTRA LARGE Cake Decorating Tips Set.

Culminate Baking Supplies pack : Decorate Cakes like a PRO with this UNIQUE K&S Artisan You will have TRULY all that you have to begin enhancing your Cake ,Cupcakes, treats ,Muffins or even Pie or Pastry! counting ●✔ 27 Professionally Chosen Beautiful Designs distinctive examples Russian Piping Tips ●✔ SINGLE Color Coupler ●✔ Tri shading coupler ●✔ 2 LEAF TIPS ●✔ 1 Silicone Bag ●✔ 20 expendable icing packs and pleasantly PRINTED CHART to indicate what every tip can make!

5 STARS RATING and been tried by thousands not just couple of tens! Astonishing PRICE FOR THE QUALITY Extra LARGE cake channeling Flower Nozzlesspecially d at stature of precisely what you have to make blossoms effortlessly and just a single press!

Quality Single Color Coupler fits flawlessly our funneling tips so you don’t need to battle to locate the correct one or more it will make it simple for you to change from channeling tip to another without changing the pack so you can spare so much time thus numerous baked good sacks!


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