Cuisinart SMS-201BK Sparkling Beverage Maker, Black.

  • Operates with any size Cuisinart CO2 cartridges
  • Includes one CO2 cartridge that makes up to 16 liters of pop; likewise incorporates a one-liter without bpa pop bottle
  • Exclusive CO2 Quick associate valve makes interfacing and evacuating easy
  • Removable dribble plate for simple cleaning; push-down handle for redid carbonating
  • Embossed Cuisinart logo with metal accents

Put a Sparkle into Ordinary Tap Water

Spare cash, spare time, spare space, spare the planet. Do all that and more with the Cuisinart Sparkling Beverage Maker. This enchantment machine hands plain water into shimmering water over under 15 seconds. Include flavorings after you carbonate for scrumptious custom made soft drinks. You control the level of carbonation; you control the sweetness. The CO2 cartridge effortlessly snaps in to make up to 16 liters of carbonated water with the push of a lever. Prepare to appreciate the beverages you adore – seltzer, soft drinks, vitality and shining mixed drinks.

Custom Control and Lots of Options

Make delightful pop with tap or sifted water with your own fixings – no salt, less sugar, more normal flavorings. Pick the carbonation level, include flavorings if wanted – even make custom made vitality and gathering drinks. Delightful custom made formulas are incorporated.

Hints and Tips

The Chill Factor

To get the best air pockets, make sure to utilize the coldest water conceivable. Store the carbonating bottles loaded with crisp, separated water in the fridge so they are prepared to go when you are. Straightforward syrup can keep in the icebox for up to one month. Make a major group so you can throw together beverages whenever.

To Each Their Own

You choose how much bubble you need in your drink. Some lean toward water with their air pockets, while others incline toward rises to rule the water – you be the judge. The more circumstances you press, the more air pockets are being constrained into your water.

Beverage Variety

Influence your morning to bubble by adding some carbonated water to crisply pressed orange or grapefruit juice. For a sweet complete, experiment with a root lager or cola skim. For the after 5 o’clock swarm, let the Cuisinart Sparkling Beverage Maker be an apparatus on your bar at home. From fizzy mojitos to enormous dishes of spritzy wine punches, carbonated mixed drinks create an impression.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Open the back and slip in the fast associate CO2 cartridge
2. Embed the without bpa jug and contort into place
3. Press and discharge the handle to achieve your coveted carbonation level
Desired Carbonation

A pump is a two-second burst of weight on the handle, leaving a couple of moments in the middle of each burst. To accomplish a normal level of carbonation, three pumps are prescribed. To get a more grounded carbonation level, basically direct again to include more CO2.


Single Pump Operation: Features a push-down handle that carbonates water in seconds, to the level you like. No batteries or power required.

Recyclable CO2 cartridge: The elite fast interface configuration slips into your Sparkling Beverage Maker to carbonate water.

Reusable sans bpa 1-Liter Bottle: Simply load with water, append to the machine, carbonate and seal with the water/air proof top. No all the more carrying overwhelming jars and containers home or returning them to reuse.

Removable Drip Tray: Empties and flushes out rapidly for simple cleanup.

Flavor Options: Turn shimmering water into enhanced pop with crisp juice or prepackaged flavors. Make seltzer, caffeinated beverages or shining mixed drinks.

Sleek Design: The Sparkling Beverage Maker fits in little spaces with grouped shading choices that supplement any home.

Cleanup Made Easy

Wipe down the refreshment producer with a moist wipe, material or paper towel. The removable trickle plate keeps cleanup basic. Make sure to hand wash the refreshment container and top after each utilization.


Weight 6.9 kg
Dimensions 16 × 13.9 × 6.9 cm

























15" x 4.75" x 8.5"








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