Creaker 4 Way Cat Tunnel, Collapsible Pet Play Tunnel Tube Toy with a Bell Toy & a Soft Ball Toy for Cat, Puppy, Kitty, Kitten, Rabbit. 

  • ❥ Best Way To Play: With 4 additional wide and long sturdy passages, worked in crease crackle paper, peephole, a chime toy & a delicate ball toy, this feline tube toy gives your kitty more approaches to have fun.
  • ❥ Durable Premium Construction: Made of ultra-solid, tear-safe polyester wrapped around a sprung-steel outline with defensive finishes (for wellbeing) ,this keep it in place from scratching as well as holds solid while your pets are playing.
  • ❥ Collapsible & Portable: With a gave flexible band, our passage overlays down little in seconds for simple travel and capacity. Each tube is around 10 inches tall and 2 foot long. Take this feline play burrow with you anywhere,your pet will never feel bored.
  • ❥ Perfect Toys For Pets: The 4 Way Tunnel gives your felines more conceivable approaches to play than a straightforward straight tunnel,more intuitive fun than feline tents, 3D squares, scratch posts, plumes, and mouse toys .
  • ❥ Warranty and Guaranty: Great present for all feline darlings. Purchase now with our 100% impeccable fulfillment and cash back guarantee.
Engages feline’s instincts Tunnels bid to felines’ regular nature to stow away in secretive spots; encased spaces offer security and safe house from predators while they stalk their prey. (nb. “Prey” is typically a passing proprietor/slave’s foot). A few felines rest inside for warmth while apprehensive kitties can utilize it to escape from conceivable consideration. Others simply adore run through and playing ‘cover up and jump’ with their kin or toys. We’ve based on the instinctual bid by including a crimped focus ‘peep gap’ which takes into consideration multi-feline play and makes charming clamor. Exercise and Play We all realize that activity is vital to a cheerful, solid feline. In any case, it’s regularly simpler said than done when they get exhausted of the same toys. Consolidate this passage with feline charmers, treats, balls or toys for an unheard of level of fun that will have your feline stalking, jumping and dashing going to consume off those calories. Collapsible with capacity pack (included) to spare a ton of room. Need to mess around with your kitty however don’t need your home for all time jumbled with feline trees or apartment suites? This is perfect, collapsible in not more than seconds and packs down to only 5cm high. As the inside is adaptable, the passages can be moved around to fit any room. Features: Camouflage design, delightful and sleek Foldable passage, spare space and simple to convey With a Bell Toy & a Soft Ball Toy, include more fun Package content : 4 Way Pet Cat Tunnel*1
Weight 1.15 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1.5 cm



Upgraded 4-way Cat Tunnel






PET-00264 4 way cat tunnel






PET-00264 4 way cat tunnel


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