Cool Towel – Cooling Sport Yoga Towel, Cooling Neck Wrap, Cooling Headband Towel for Camping Backpacking Cycling Climbing Running & All Other Sports and Outdoor Activities Navy Blue 12×40 Inch. 

  • INSTANT COOLING TOWEL-It’s an enchantment towel chills in a flash. Essentially drenching wring out and snap it, only a couple of moments the chill towel will continue cooling for a few hours and reactivate the chilling by rehashing the means. It is delicate, lightweight, super spongy, synthetic free, gives UPF 50 sunscreen assurance and can decreases body temperature up to 30 degree
  • MULTIPURPOSE ICE COOL TOWEL – It could be an extraordinary games towel for running, cycling, exercise, playing, golf, yoga, rec center, wellness; frosty treatment for fever, warm pressure or sweltering flashes; towel for brisk chilling off when working out in the mid year warm or in hot condition. Can be utilized as head cover, sweatband, cooling handkerchief, neck wrap or scarf and all the more similarly as you prefer. Could be the ideal summer blessing thoughts for your family and companions and notwithstanding for your pets
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL AND ECO-FRIENDLY-Your Choice cooling towels are made of high-thickness cooling network fiber, which is super spongy, breathable and hyper-evaporative. This towel is a physical cooling by the vanishing of water atoms. Any ole cotton or microfiber towel would work, yet not too configuration to expand evaporative cooling or comfort
  • VARIOUS OPTIONS – Your Choice frigid cool towel is accessible in 10 hues, 3 sizes (Medium 16″x32″, Large 12″x40″ and Extra Large 16″x40″) and 3 sort of bundles (1 pack, 2 pack and 4 pack) for offering you a more various and ideal alternatives. A reward reusable work travel pack with carabiner cut accompany towels for your simple to convey when voyaging, outdoors, climbing or other open air exercises. It is ultra minimal, can be effectively fits into a duffel bag or travel luggage

1. Moment cooling and proceeded with cool feeling, simply get towel wet – wring out water – snap it a couple of times, at that point you will get it frosty. When it gets caution, as long as the texture stays dampness, you can snap it again for re-cooling. Or then again you can rehash the initial step for re-cooling.

2. Quick and compelling approach to chill you off from the excruciating warmth in sweltering summer days. At the point when it’s wet, it can adequately diminish the body’s surface temperature of 20% – 30%. Regardless of you’re getting it done diversions, doing exercise, preparing at the rec center, participating in open air sports, working outside, or even get a fever, it would be an incredible towel for your quick chilling off.

3. Lightweight and reduced, makes it simple to bear you and incredible for movement. Solf and breathable material presents to you an open to feeling and won’t solidify notwithstanding when it dry out.

4. Receptiveness, it can ingest your sweat immediately when it’s dry and has just about 4 times absorbility than its own weight.

5. Conservative and lightweight, you can around or tie it on neck, put it on head, wrap it on shoulder,wrap it on wrist or any way you get a kick out of the chance to hold it.

6. Synthetic free, this cooling towel is a physical innovation, no substance added substances, no smell – Healthy and Environmental. Machine launderable, and it wouldn’t decrease the towel’s cooling impact.

7. This Cooling Towel would be a Great Cool present for your family, your companions and any individual who lives in the sweltering climate places and the games fan and so forth.

Your Choice Cooling Towels would be an astute Gift for Sports Lovers in sweltering summer!

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Navy Blue(12" x 40")


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