Colyn C2 Lady Rechargeable 4 in 1 Hair Removal Kits, Electric Epilator, Lady Shaver / trimmer, Hair Clipper and Callus Remover(4 Changeable Heads)

  • Multi-reason: The item contains four shaper heads, separately for dead skin evacuation, hair style, hair culling and shaving. The machine can be utilized by the entire family with different elements of shaving, evacuating hair of hands, feet, armpits and swimsuit lines, crushing feet for expulsion of hair and exfoliating
  • Safe and advantageous: Our item is more secure than scrubbers, simpler to use than pumice stones, and more effective than customary foot records. It possesses a minimized body, making it helpful to convey amid a journey
  • Innovative plan: Based on ergonomics, our item receives the hand-held structure and uses ABS plastic for its body with the goal that it is star condition, long-life, top of the line, fragile and easy to operate
  • Washable shaper head: The item’s shaper head is removable for washing after use with a spotless brush, making the item both safe and sanitary
  • The control is sufficient to be utilized for 50 minutes: Charge the battery for 8-10 hours once, however close to 24 hours. Ensure the item is control off while being charged, at that point you can utilize the item for a hour. On the off chance that you just utilize it for 15 minutes without fail, it can be use for one month on end.

Why is our COLYN woman’s rechargeable depilator and foot processor a decent decision?

The shaper set out toward culling hair won’t decimate the hair development structure however evacuate hair effectively.

The shaper set out toward shaving is intended to expel longer hair with the utilization of side blades and evacuate the shorter hair with the center blades.

The shaper set out toward hair style is skin-accommodating with intense edges. The expert motor influences lower to sound so as to abstain from terrifying little children.

The iced shaper set out toward pounding feet can expel hard and thick cases without harming the skin.


While utilizing the shaving shaper head, utilize the side blades to evacuate long hair along the hair development course first. At that point utilize the center blades to expel short hair against its bearing.

Hold up 15 minutes after shower till the skin is dry and clean with the hair upright. Shaving until the point that the pores are completely open can decrease much agony. On the off chance that the hair is too long, you can trim it in light of the fact that expelling medium-length hair will be substantially less demanding. Ensure the shaper head is at right point to the skin and push the item against the hair development course.

The shaper set out toward expelling hair can clear the hair in the follicles and keep your skin clean for 4 months. You may feel awkward at first utilize, however the distress will be decreased after you are familiar with the pressure.

Apply some cream after use to ensure follicles.

Package includes:

1 x Holder

1 x Callus Remover Head

1 x Epilator Head

1 x Shaver Head

1 x Haircut head

1 x Power Adapter

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x User Manual


Weight 1.15 kg
Dimensions 8.31 × 7.8 × 2.52 cm























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