EXPAWLORER Collapsible Pet Travel Dog Bowl Double Food and Water Portable Bowls Set for Dogs Cats Outdoor Indoor Use Nylon Fabric Washable Color Orange. 

  • Opening the zipper, you will get 2 travel bowls. Utilize one for water and one for food
  • The size of each bowl is at an impeccable 5.5 inch width and 3 inch profound. Around some water or food
  • Nylon texture with inside waterproof and airtight water bowl is more sturdy, lighter and less demanding to pack and carry
  • Outdoor enterprise or indoor remains the collapsible travel bowl is prepared to deal with your pooch or cat
  • Comes with a carabiner style clasp to effortlessly append it to your rucksack, belt, travel case or leash

Traveling with your pets can be strenuous and troublesome, with the EXPAWLORER travel bowl it can make things considerably more wonderful.

Our pet travel bowls make it easy to forget nourishment on longer overnight outings, or even just to give your pooches or felines a speedy tidbit and drink while out for a walk.

The double travel bowl configuration enables you to forget sustenance and water in the meantime to feed your canine or feline when on a broadened trip.


  • 1. Convenient and compact. Easy to store and bring. Great for movement.
  • 2. Two Bowls have a 5.5″(14 cm) distance across and 3″(8 cm)depth.
  • 3. Lightweight and durable, top notch nylon material.
  • 4. The water bowl is fixed inside with a waterproof lining making it protected and simple to clean.
  • 5. Never free your movement bowls with the convenient clasp to append the dishes anyplace you require.
  • 6. The advantageous metal hook simple to append your rucksack, belt, travel box or chain.
  • 7. It is additionally simple to crease and store in your pocket, stroller, glove box, or satchel. Most usually utilized for felines and pooch yet can be utilized to encourage any pets.

Your pet needs water to drink and remain cool. On the off chance that you like travel or going some place, this is a convenient bowl for you to carry.

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 6.25 × 6.25 × 1 cm



















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