ChocolateConstruction: T-Rex – 3D Chocolate Candy Dinosaur Building Mold.

  • The world’s initially indented, chocolate-building mold! Liquefy, fill, uncover, and manufacture your own particular palatable, 6-inch tall, chocolate T-Rex!
  • The brilliantly wild mix of a building toy and a candy parlor device, Chocolate Construction is a patent-pending, tough yet adapted silicone shape highlighting nine holes for the different bones which will make up your chocolate T-Rex.
  • Each piece is “scored” with a rectangular opening – when these indents are associated with their coordinating spaces, your horrendous and heavenly T-Rex will be conceived!
  • For simplicity of development, adjacent to each score in the shape is a raised number which compares to a moment indent with a similar number. Thus constructing your T-Rex is as straightforward as coordinating the numbers – which makes it hazardously simple to offer ascent to an entire crowd of chocolaty mammoths!
  • The shape is produced using sustenance safe silicone, and can be utilized once more, and once more, and once more!


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