Celliant Sleep Boomerang (Bachelor’s) Memory Foam Pillow by VISCO LOVE US LLC. 

  • Our visco versatile cushions move as per warmth and weight, and kill the reasons for torment by supporting the neck and shoulder muscles. Picking the correct pad has generous effect on agreeable and sound rest. The deficient filling material in the normal cushions may cause head and neck torments. Pick the most fitting cushion for yourself to make the most of your sleep.
  • Hypoallergenic,Sound, Comfortable Sleep Since Visco Elastic ‘Flexible foam’ gets the state of your body because of the body temperature and weight gradually, the weight on the body ends up least. Since there is least weight on the body, the veins don’t press, the blood dissemination proceeds, and you don’t feel the deadness that causes turn and hurl amid rest. In this manner, you can have a sound and solid rest till morning.
  • Healthy, Restful Sleep Your head, neck and shoulders are upheld uniformly at a situation without weight, in this way your agonies at your joints and spine are eliminated.
  • COLD CURE PRODUCTION SYSTEM IN SPECIAL Molds Our items are created one by one in the particularly composed molds with open cell visco versatile material. The thickness of the material is kept in the form with this shape framework, accordingly the use comfort and the life expectancy of the item are increased.
  • Easy to take off Washable Celliant Sleep Cover with Zipper.NO CFC GAS The materials utilized as a part of our creation don’t comprise of risky CFC gas. ERGONOMIC Our visco flexible cushions, consenting to your head and neck territory with their weight diminishing and memory highlights, help to safeguard the characteristic bend of the spine. RESHAPES ITSELF AFTER USAGE Our items made of savvy material with memory cells take your body shape and after use they backpedal to their unique shape.
Excellent answer for all sort of position sleepers, culminate comfort from Visco adore US LLC. Dozing Solutions from Visco Love, laying down with Love. Numerous individuals, at some point or another, experience the ill effects of torment or distress – in some cases incessant, some of the time intense. A lessening in blood dissemination, for example, can cause icy feet, excruciating appendages or wounds recuperating gradually. Neuropathic torments caused by diabetes, yet additionally different distresses, for example, rheumatic agonies are eased by CelliantTM, as shown by broad clinical trials. CelliantTM is a sleeping cushion cover which ‘helps’ the human body to expand its oxygen levels generously. It has been clinically demonstrated that CelliantTM builds the oxygen level in the muscle tissue up to 29% (!) and that CelliantTM directs the body temperature. At the point when the blood course conveys more oxygen to the body cells that need it, an assortment of inconveniences are countered. CelliantTM battles chilly hands and feet, ‘resting’ or shivering fingers or appendages. A clinical report in 2008 built up that CelliantTM essentially lessens torment. Also, less torment enhances your dozing solace and conveys all the more prosperity to your life. Since the nature of your rest is relative to your personal satisfaction. The advantages are clear. After a reviving rest in a CelliantTM dozing condition, you wake up more advantageous, fitter and more alarm and you are more averse to endure exhaustion amid the day. Mending and recuperation are empowered and torment is lessened. You can think all the more steadily and feel more alert.CelliantTM is an extraordinarily made material which can be included, sewn or woven into textures and joined into the sleeping cushion cover. CelliantTM expands the oxygen level of the muscle tissue, which lessens torment, advances speedier mending and guarantees a superior nature of rest. CelliantTM controls your body temperature by enhanced oxygenation.Clinical thinks about have demonstrated that both trial bunches felt fundamentally less pain.
Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 16.3 × 6.1 × 6.1 cm

















Manufacturer warranty for 3 months from the date of purchase.






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