Catchall: A handmade stand for everything.

  • The CatchallTM stand is intended to give a place to a few things. It has spaces for key chains, glasses, shades, neckbands, armlets, bluetooth headset, or earphones. It can be utilized to support your telephone while charging, and there is no compelling reason to unplug the telephone and string the charger through an opening. Simply slide the link through the opening.
  • There is likewise a space specifically underneath the telephone charging territory to permit your charger link to go through. The CatchallTM stand has been intended to be good for most cell phones, including the iphone and Samsung cosmic system and works with most cases for these telephones. There is a watch holder for your bigger arm ornaments, watch, or smartwatch. There is a directed furrow in the front for holding a pencil, stylus, or pen. The opening on the end is intended to hold your wallet. Albeit particular spots on the CatchallTM stand are outlined on account of specific things, the stand can likewise hold books, formulas, tablets, pictures, work of art, signs, and so forth. The CatchallTM stand is travel neighborly.
  • Dismantled, it lays level and can without much of a stretch be put away or stuffed. Gathering is additionally as simple as simply sliding the two sorts out. The CatchallTM stand isn’t a lasting apparatus that you need to screw to your divider. It goes wherever you need it to go. The CatchallTM stand is produced using unique, top notch plywood, which is known among carpenters and specialist for its extraordinary quality and beautifying edges. Not at all like different plywoods, the inward utilizes in this plywood are hardwood and not softwoods.


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