KEEP IT COLD – ONE Premium Quality Standard 12 oz Beverage Beer Bottle and 12/16 oz Can Insulator Cooler Sleeve – Stainless Steel Super Insulated With Flex-cap Keep Drinks Ice Cold

  • ENJOY ICE COLD REFRESHING BEVERAGES that stay cool for quite a long time inside this separator with the twofold divider vacuum innovation. Look at the temperature test brings about the item pictures.
  • PROTECT FURNITURE FROM WATER RINGS and keep your hands warm and dry on the grounds that the encasing keeps dampness from framing on the outside.
  • ACCOMMODATES 16 OZ CANS in light of the adaptable top outline. Other protected drink holders have unbending top plans and the tops are too little for 16 oz refreshment jars. If you don’t mind check your measurements to be under 2 5/8″ in distance across and 8.24″ circumference.
  • STRONG AND EASY TO CLEAN. The canister is made with enduring 18/8 kitchen review stainless steel and the adaptable silicone top does not destroy with use.
  • PRESERVE THE NATURAL FLAVOR OF YOUR BEVERAGE. Ice liquefies and weakens the common kind of your refreshment. With KEEP IT COLD you needn’t bother with ice to keep your drink super cold and refreshing.

IT’S DIFFERENT! The SUPERFLEX top is sturdy silicone elastic that fits an assortment of compartments, including 16 0Z jars.

  • Just ensure the distance across of your drink is under 2 5/8″ and circuit under 8.24″.

IT’S BETTER! The top is less demanding to put on and take off than those unbending tops that screw on and off.

  • Inspected and deliberately bundled to guarantee eminent quality
  • Enjoy super cold and invigorating drinks anywhere.
  • Perfect for your front room, closely following, street trips, outside on the porch or deck, at the shoreline or stop, sailing or golfing.
  • Wherever you go, you can simply appreciate the most reviving, revitalizing and super cold drinks.
  • Advanced protection innovation in the canister keeps drinks super cold even in bursting outside conditions.
  • Keep It Cold keeps your hands dry and shields your furniture from water rings
  • because the protection keeps dampness from framing outwardly of the canister.
  • The kitchen review stainless steel and silicone top are tough and simple to clean.

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