Brightech Eclipse LED Floor Lamp – Double Rings of Light Bring Sci-Fi Ambiance to Contemporary Spaces – Dimmable Bright Halo Tall Standing Modern Lamp for Living Room, Bedroom and Office.

  • Excellent LIGHT TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR SPACE: Like a couple of sparkling radiances, the twin rings of the Eclipse Floor Lamp give splendid LED lighting to any room or office space. Its 2,000 lumens and 3,000 kelvin shading temperature sparkle brilliant warm light that will help even the darkest cell like spaces with the goal that you can make a sufficiently bright simple to work in condition in any room. The warm light will fill your family room, room, or office with warm white light while you read, work, or play.
  • Enduring and ENERGY SAVING FLOOR LAMP: The Brightech Eclipse LED Floor Lamp incorporates two round rings with 28 Watts of durable, control sparing LED light source so you will never need to supplant the light. Its propelled LED innovation enables it to surpass lights that rely upon fleeting, vitality devouring standard halogen or radiant knobs. This LED lighting will continue for over 20 years without wearing out or overheating. Spare cash and vitality with the Eclipse LED Floor Lamp.
  • Present day STYLE AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: The one of a kind, current style of the Brightech Eclipse Floor Lamp will astound and awe the majority of your visitors. The Eclipse floor light looks incredible in rooms, parlors, quarters, and workplaces with present day style. Its slim plan makes this modern light the ideal decision for little spaces that need a dimmable brilliant light. The external ring is 18 inches and the internal ring is 14 crawls in measurement and both are movable.
  • DIMMABLE and ADJUSTABLE FLOOR LAMP: This floor light has an advantageous worked in dimmer catch that enables you to change the splendor of the shafts. Select among 3 diverse light levels extending from super brilliant to delicate, encompassing disposition lighting with the goal that you can accomplish the ideal lighting for your space. The two rings are flexible with the goal that you can point light toward any path. The scope of lighting influences this light to ideal for perusing, watching motion pictures, drawing, expressions and artworks, and contemplating.


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