Breville Mini Smart Oven with Element IQ.

  • 4 Quartz 1800 Watt Elements with Element IQ Technology
  • Function dial with 8 pre-set cooking capacities and every component changes naturally for the setting you pick, to convey the correct cooking temperature at the ideal time for the supper you are creating
  • This isn’t an under the bureau toaster broiler – it needs some freedom on top because of the item delivering heat. Voltage : 110 – 120 Volts
  • 4-Slice limit, 11″ pizza, 0.45 cu ft. inside with 3 rack positions, haul out piece plate and auto close off
  • Powder covered steel lodging and Non-stick inside hole coating


The Mini Smart Oven is outfitted with Element IQ cooking innovation, which alters the energy of four individual quartz warming components to cook sustenance all the more uniformly and rapidly. This modern warming framework disseminates warm all through the broiler when and where it is required, to ensure more effective cooking. Eight diverse menu choices enable clients to pick the best setting for the nourishment they are cooking. Notwithstanding powerfully conveying warmth to various territories, the Mini Smart Oven can alter the wattage of its warming components for much all the more cooking adaptability. Most stoves have components with settled wattage that can just turn amongst ON and OFF, yet Element IQ works much like a dimmer on a light switch, expanding or diminishing component control with a basic turn of the handle.

For instance, toast should be cooked equitably on the two sides without drying out within, so the Mini Smart Oven utilizes high emanated warm from above and underneath (1800W dispersed between the four components) to fresh the outside rapidly.

Then again, preparing needs more delicate, even warmth that will cook within the heated merchandise without toughening the external outside layer, so the Mini Smart Oven utilizes 1500W dispersed over the best and base components.

Every one of eight capacities (heat, sear, broil, treats, warm, pizza, bagel, and toast) is preset with suggested settings, removing the mystery from cooking. Be that as it may, each can be tweaked by formula, volume of nourishment, or individual taste. Tweaked settings will stay in the memory of the stove until changed or until the point when the broiler is unplugged from the divider outlet, streamlining your cooking procedure.

The little broiler that can

Little however intense, the Breville Mini Smart Oven has a significant number of an indistinguishable highlights from the bigger Breville Smart Ovens, yet requires less counter space and less-preheat time to achieve similar errands. Perfect for nibble sustenances or little servings, the Mini Smart Oven can be utilized without anyone else or to supplement a customary divider stove.

Designed with the buyer in mind

The Mini Smart Oven is deliberately built from the most sturdy materials. Alluringly housed in strengthened stainless steel, it is a striking expansion to any kitchen. The warming components are made out of quartz, instead of the metal components found in other toaster broilers. Quartz reacts all the more rapidly to warm change, which brings about more notwithstanding warming all through the stove. The inside is covered with a non-stick material that can securely withstand high temperatures, making cleanup less demanding. A scrap/dribble plate that is available from the front of the broiler (instead of the back, in the same way as other different toasters) additionally makes it less demanding to clean between cooking sessions.

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Product Features
  1. Easy-spotless, stainless steel lodging with ribbed plate warming tray
  2. Non-Stick Interior with 3 rack positions
  3. 11″ pizza, 4-cut toast limit (0.45 cu ft. interior)
  4. Tempered glass door
  5. 4 quartz components with Element IQ and 1800 watts of energy for keen cooking
  6. Function dial with 8 pre-set cooking capacities: heat, sear, broil, treats, warm, pizza, bagel, toast
  7. Back-lit simple read LCD that ascertains the right the time and temperature, lighting up orange amid preheating and cooking and blue once the cycle is complete
  8. “A tad more” gives you a chance to expand the cooking time sufficiently only to get the ideal result
  9. Easily removable haul out scrap tray


Weight 17.05 kg
Dimensions 18.2 × 15.7 × 11.7 cm











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HWI/Breville USA




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HWI/Breville USA




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