Breville Smart Grill.

  • Removable, dishwasher safe plates with Element IQ
  • Opens level to ‘BBQ Mode’
  • Voltage-110-120Volts,1800 watt implanted warming outline. 310-450F variable temperature control with Low, Panini, and Sear Modes
  • 6 flexible stature settings
  • Integrated, removable trickle plate. Removable, dishwasher-safe plates.

The Breville Smart Grill’s Element IQ innovation crosses over any barrier amongst indoor and outside at an unrivaled new level. Warmth sensors implanted in the flame broil plates make up for the temperature drop when chilly sustenance is put onto the pre-warmed surface. The sensors at that point recognize this warmth drop and remunerate by infusing heat for fast recuperate back to the coveted cooking temperatures. The 1800-watt inserted warming outline guarantees most extreme warmth into the plates for quicker cooking and diminished pre-warming time. This makes a BBQ-quality burn and sizzle. The level base plate is appropriate for eggs and flapjacks while the best plate is ribbed to burn meats. Plate positions are tradable and can be stretched out into an opened, level ‘BBQ Mode.’

The Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill utilizes Element IQ innovation and an implanted component warming framework to burn meat on your ledge that tastes similarly in the same class as meat singed on the grill (closeup on right).

Why the Breville Smart Grill?

Each Breville item starts with a basic snapshot of brightness. The Breville Smart Grill started with the basic certainty that burning meat requires persistent high warmth. What sort of machine cooks and also a grill, yet cleans quick like a frypan? The appropriate response is the Breville Smart Grill, which enables you to burn meat inside at a high predictable temperature without making a wreck. It utilizes Element IQ innovation and a 1800W warming framework to electronically distinguish warm misfortune and give quick warmth recuperation.

Maintaining High Heat for Better Cooking

Ledge flame broils encounter a drop in temperature when the icy meat or fixings are acquainted with the pre-warmed surface. Regardless of whether they begin off at the correct temperature, most ledge flame broils can’t recuperate from this warmth misfortune, warming up again gradually. This implies less productive cooking and harder meat. The BGR820XL utilizes a savvy innovation called Element IQ to identify the drop in temperature and infuse more warmth for a quick recuperation back to the coveted cooking temperatures.

Likewise, inserted components in its flame broil plates enable the barbecue to keep up extraordinary warmth and recoup from warm misfortune. The components are thrown into the plates themselves, which implies that the vast majority of the warmth created by the components is exchanged to the plates as opposed to being lost (see beneath). That implies less time to pre-warm and furthermore quick temperature recuperation.

Other Features: Easy cleaning and Versatility

Notwithstanding Element IQ and installed plates, the Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill has various highlights: the best plate has six distinctive movable statures that can be utilized for huge sandwiches, little sliders, open-confronted melts, or anything inbetween; the plates are removable for simpler cleaning and can be exchanged relying upon your requirements (so the ribbed plate is either on the base or the best). The plates are nonstick plates produced using cast aluminum covered with titanium injected Quantanium, for without oil cooking and simple tidy up. The lodging is stainless steel, with kick the bucket cast arms.

The base can be tilted at a point to deplete, or lay impeccably level for eggs, flapjacks, and paninis. You can utilize it shut and utilize it to flame broil like a Panini press, or open it 180 degrees into grill mode, in which fat is depleted from the two plates into the dribble plate. There are three diverse temperature settings (low, Panini, and burn, running from 320F to 450F), temperature and time control dials, and a commencement clock and sound alarm.

Exposed Heating Elements versus the BGR820XL’s Embedded Heating Elements

Exposed Heating Elements, commonplace of numerous grills
Embedded Heating Elements, as on the BGR820XL Smart Grill
Exposed Heating Elements: Heat loss

Numerous plates have uncovered warming components, where the flame broil plate sits straightforwardly over the warming component. Uncovered components lose a great part of the warmth that they produce, rather than exchanging the warmth to the plate. This implies the flame broil requires more opportunity to warm up and more opportunity to recoup from warm misfortune, which expands cooking time and yields harder meats.

Embedded Heating Elements: Heat transfer

The BGR820XL has flame broil plates with coordinated warming components, where the components are installed in the plates themselves. Instead of losing a significant part of the warmth that they produce, the warmth is exchanged straightforwardly to the plate. This implies the flame broil requires less time to warm up and less time to recoup from warm misfortune, which diminishes cooking time, increments burning temperatures, and yields giver meats.

Two modes for two diverse cooking styles

Panini Mode
Barbecue Mode
Panini Mode

In Panini mode, utilize the best and base plates to squeeze Paninis or flame broil fixings on two sides without a moment’s delay. The stature of the best plate from the base is customizable, enabling you to press both vast sandwiches and little sliders. There is a ribbed plate and a level plate, and the two plates are removable and tradable so you can pick the plate that suits your cooking style and clean the plates all the more effectively.

Barbecue Mode

In grill mode, open the barbecue plates 180 degrees so the Smart Grill lies level, and utilize it to flame broil and burn meats and vegetables. This duplicates your cooking territory, and furthermore shows the alternative of barbecuing on both the level plate and the ribbed plate. Extra ribbed plates and level plates are accessible for buy on Amazon in the event that you’d like to have a uniform cooking surface in grill mode.

Temperature Control and Timing

The illuminated LCD screen is blue when the flame broil isn’t hot
The illuminated LCD screen is orange when the flame broil is pre-warming or cooking
Timer Control Dial

(Situated on the left half of the Smart Grill front) You can set the clock for your favored cooking time, and the Smart Grill will caution you when time is up.

Temperature Control Dial

(Situated on the correct side of the Smart Grill front) You can set the Breville Smart Grill in three distinctive temperature settings: low, Panini, and burn, which go from temperatures of 320F to 450F. In the event that you’d want to see the temperature in Celsius, flip the temperature change catch.

Element IQ auto-adjustment

Component IQ distinguishes the drop in temperature when you acquaint frosty fixings with the pre-warmed surface and consequently infuses more warmth to convey the Smart Grill go down to temperature and make up for warm misfortune.


Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 19.02 × 15.98 × 9.02 cm

















16 x 15 x 7






1 year over the counter warranty








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