• Our palm massager embraces gaseous tension and hot pack rub innovation. It applies a calming rub understanding to the whole hand and fingers including both the best and base of the hand.
  • Great Gift for individuals who utilize their hands more without unwinding, for example, PC specialist, piano player and housewife etc.
  • Built-in pneumatic stress swelling and collapse. Compelling in mitigating torment and distress in the hands. Its mitigating cadence calms strain, stress and exhaustion in the hands.
  • Giving 100% convenientce, the item works cordlessly utilizing 4 AA basic batteries (included). It likewise helpfully incorporates a 6-volt DC connector to save money on battery power.
  • Deep-infrared vitality gives soothing warmth to the hand 98F or 107F (35/42C). This delicate warmth advances the solid blood dissemination, relieve the muscles, lessen hand weakness, distress, soreness, deadness and cold fingers and hands.

Important Safety and Use Information

*The iPalm520 is alright for a great many people as no genuine reactions are referred to, when utilized as coordinated. Be that as it may, there are couple of specific situations where it should just be utilized with the earlier endorsement and checking of a medicinal social insurance proficient.

1. Counsel a medicinal social insurance proficient before utilizing this massager on the off chance that you are experiencing any type of genuine hand damage, other related physical conditions, or blood course issues or diseases.

2.Children should utilize this massager just with parental assent and observing. Not proposed for exceptionally youthful youngsters.

3.This massager highlights heat pressure. Individuals with warmth/cold sensation issue should utilize this gadget with alert.

4. Try not to utilize while working apparatus, vehicles or other mechanical gadgets.

5. Expel any substantial gems things from fingers before starting back rub.

6. Use with perfect, dry hands free of creams, balms or wet nail clean.

7. Maintain a strategic distance from use amid too much high indoor or open air temperatures and humidity.

Legitimate Disclaimer

Breo makes no verifiable or obvious cases for fix or treatment of any medicinal or mental issue. No communicated or suggested therapeutic cases are made for the iPalm520 or other Breo items. These items are not expected for use for the help of any therapeutic or mental condition.

Breo iPalm520 Electric Acupressure Palm Hand Finger Massager with Air Pressure Heat Compress and LCD Display for a Gift of Fingers Strain/Numbness Relief (LCD Version). 

Weight 3.85 kg
Dimensions 11.8 × 8.6 × 4.2 cm





Breo makes no implicit or overt claims for cure or treatment of any medical or psychological disorders. No expressed or implied medical claims are made for the iPalm520 or other Breo products. These products are not intended for use for the relief of any medical or psychological condition.


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