Breezelike Sandalwood Hair Comb – No Static Handmade Wide Tooth Comb – Natural Wooden Detangling Comb with Gift Box.

  • The wavy handle wooden brush is carefully assembled with 100% normal fragrant green sandalwood.
  • Crafted with customary painstaking work, all around cleaned, smooth and consistent, 7.1″ long, convenient and simple to carry.
  • No obstacles, no static, less frizz, simple to detangle all hair composes and averts hair breakage, ideal for hair care.
  • Natural sandalwood fragrance and refined wooden teeth help to calm strain and invigorate scalp, extraordinary for massage.
  • Premium quality hair brush, with an incredible after-deals benefit, a characteristic present for occasion season!

Green Sandalwood has an enduring unmistakable delicate warm valuable wood aroma. The normal alleviating scent of sandalwood has the impact to quiet the nerves and mitigate pressure.

Subtle elements:

  • – Breezelike green sandalwood brushes are high-rank brushes sold by China Craft Store. All Breezelike green sandalwood brushes are made with normal green sandalwood and created with Chinese customary painstaking work.
  • – Made with normal sandalwood, Breezelike green sandalwood brushes never release static amid use.
  • – Breezelike green sandalwood brushes tend to add normal calming aroma to your hair and diminish pressure.
  • – Each Breezelike green sandalwood brush has its special unmistakable wood grain.
  • – Sandalwood is accepted to have the capacity to exorcize underhanded and filter souls. Breezelike green sandalwood brush is flawless to rinse your hair.
  • – Breezelike green sandalwood brush holds the common green sandalwood shading. What’s more, the regular green sandalwood tone has a tendency to become greener after at some point, making it looks more old fashioned.


  • – Do not drop sandalwood brushes on hard floors (like solid floor, tile floor and so on) or impact them with other hard protests.
  • – Do not absorb sandalwood looks over water particularly heated water for quite a while. On the off chance that you need to wash them, make sure to wipe them dry with a cotton towel a short time later.
  • – Do not put sandalwood brushes in solid light or high temperature. Keep them far from chimneys and stoves particularly.
  • – The sandalwood tar may gather into precious stone substance like fluff on the surface of the sandalwood brush. You can without much of a stretch tidy the gem substance off or wipe it from the surface with a cotton towel.
  • – A little measure of olive oil can be utilized to keep up sandalwood brushes smooth and shiny.


Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 9.4 × 3.2 × 0.7 cm





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