Boxiecat Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter, 16-pounds. 

  • Veterinarian Recommended – “This is TRULY the best litter” – Dr. Lisa Franck D.V.M.
  • 2x Longer Lasting – utilize less, hurl less
  • 99.9% without dust – as good as ever dust control recipe, perfect for hypersensitivities, hypo-allergenic
  • Exceptional Odor Control – dispenses with smelling salts odor
  • Instant Flat Top Clump – shake hard bunches frame on the highest point of the crate, scoops easily
  • Stays Ultra-clean – remains smell free even following quite a while of scooping, similar to another pack after each scoop
  • Low Tracking Granules – all characteristic, unscented, incredible for various felines, and all crate types
  • Winner of the Cat Fancy Editors’ Choice Award – casted a ballot “Best Cat Product of the Year!”

Step up your feline litter! Veterinarian suggested and victor of the Cat Fancy Editors’ Choice Award, Boxiecat litter quality has a discernible effect.

Hard Flat Top™ clumps frame in a flash on the highest point of the litter box, instead of splashing to the base, making it simple to scoop and keeping the litter box ultra-clean all through utilize. Boxiecat accomplishes staggeringly low residue levels with a propelled residue concealment process. Boxiecat’s sans aroma equation is really unscented and disposes of alkali smells without utilizing scent as a covering specialist. It is all common, hypoallergenic, and contains no synthetic concoctions or added substances. Boxiecat litter is delicate on feline’s paws and opposes following.

Utilize less, hurl less, and set aside extra cash after some time. Since Boxiecat stays so perfect and forms littler and lighter bunches, it is additionally 2x longer enduring. It resembles another pack after each scoop. One 28-pound sack endures two felines roughly multi month. It is ideal for single and numerous felines and all litter box composes. It’s anything but difficult to change to Boxiecat. Felines take to Boxiecat immediately, and it pulls in felines to utilize the litter box.

Boxiecat litter is perfect for pet guardians who perceive the adequacy of mud however need a more beneficial and better performing alternative. Boxiecat litter is made in the U.S.A. 100% unconditional promise.

Weight 14.35 kg
Dimensions 14.2 × 9 × 1.7 cm





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