Bounty Paper Napkins, White, 400 Count. 

  • Just one napkin keeps you secured for the entire meal.
  • Available in Everyday prints and Select prints.
  • Bounty Quilted Napkins.
  • Stronger than the following driving napkin (when wet).
  • Available in unique fashioner prints
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Don’t let mealtime messes hinder your family supper! Abundance Quilted Napkins are more grounded than the following driving napkin when wet. Truth be told, only one napkin will keep you secured the entire dinner through. Furthermore, they’re accessible in extraordinary originator prints, so you can pick the one that fits your style best.

At A Glance
  • Stronger than the following driving napkin (when wet)
  • One napkin keeps going the whole meal
  • Available in extraordinary creator prints
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Features & Benefits

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One Meal, One Napkin
Just one is sufficiently solid to last through the whole meal.

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Quilted Strength
Stronger than the following driving napkin (when wet) to hold up amid mealtime, with a thick, sewed surface that is delicate and absorbent.

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Designer Style
Available in unique architect prints.

Product Comparison

Bounty Napkins Bounty Bounty DuraTowel Bounty Basic
Stronger than the following driving napkin (when wet) 2X more spongy so you can utilize less (when wet versus the main standard 11″ x 8.8″ brand) Clinically ended up being 3X cleaner than a germy dishcloth 50% Stronger. Moderately Priced. (At the point when wet versus driving 11″ x 8.8″ deal brand)
Small-Count Packs
Large-Count Packs
Everyday Prints
Select Prints

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of paper towel outlines are accessible from Bounty?
Our plans include: Fun Collection Prints, Garden Collection Prints, Modern Collection Prints, and Everyday Collection Prints. You will undoubtedly discover a paper towel to supplement your style. Investigate our determination of great prints to include a new, glad, varied contort to your home. Likewise look at Bounty Quilted Napkins, which are accessible in ordinary and regular outlines.

What are a few uses for your littler estimated sheet paper towel, Bounty Select-a-Size?
Bounty Select-a-Size is ideal for spills both of all shapes and sizes, so you can simply make sure you have the right-measure sheet for the activity.

Is it OK to utilize Bounty paper towels to clean my plastic eyeglass lenses?
Most opticians don’t prescribe utilizing paper items to clean plastic focal points. Paper originates from wood. Wood strands, despite the fact that delicate, can harm touchy plastics. Check with your optician to perceive what is prescribed for cleaning your plastic lenses.

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