Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Cuticle & Nail Oil Pen To-Go 2ml – Crisp Scent. 

  • Repairs peeling, fragile nails in 3 days, wipes out hangnails inside 5 days, and declines skin wrinkling.
  • All common fixings – sufficiently safe to eat – nontoxic.
  • Anti-parasitic, Antimicrobial, and Antibacterial.
  • Prevents breaking of nail clean, gel, and acrylic nail enhancements.
  • Convenient brush pen utensil! Take it in a hurry, in your tote or in your car!

What it is:
A mix of Jojoba wax ester (more than you’ll discover in some other nail item available!), olive and grape seed oils, vitamins, and scented oils intended to enter your nails and skin while filling your nostrils with a heavenly fragrance!

What it does:
Because Jojoba is molecularly indistinguishable to our body’s regular “oils” Pure Nail Oil enters your nails, keeping them solid and adaptable. The Jojoba likewise enters your skin, keeping it delicate and sound.

Why you require it:
Hard, fragile nails break. Solid nails are adaptable and twist against outside powers. Unadulterated gives your nails what they have to flex so they break less. Your nails will be longer and more grounded!

Plus, Pure is the main nail and fingernail skin oil that works by repairing weak, chipping, and peeling nails in 3 days (when following the Initial 3-Day Hydration Treatment), taking out hangnails inside 5 days, and obviously lessening skin wrinkling.

Crisp Single Pen:
Not beyond any doubt if Pure is appropriate for you? Our Single Pen is an awesome method to test it out. You get one 2ml Nail Oil Pen with the goal that you have an advantageous, without spill utensil to convey your nail oil wherever you are. When you see what Pure will improve the situation you, you will be snared!

Our Crisp aroma is an inebriating and bubbling mix of lemon get-up-and-go, pink grapefruit, delicious pomegranate and spiced vanilla. We’re satisfied to have the capacity to state that Crisp has a 100% LOVE rate among many customers!

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