• What You Care: 8″ cut gap measure, ultra-slight roughly 1″ thickness; Very little warmth produced; No recessed can required; Junction box excluded, transformer estimate around 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches. One light accompany one transformer.
  • Energy Efficiency: 1400 lumens, 140 watt halogen substitution utilizes just 18 watt. Base on 5 hrs/day, gauge yearly vitality cost $3.6, and it will endures about 16.5 years.
  • Dimmable LED Panel Light: AC110V dimmable board lights, perfect with silicone-controlled rectifier type dimmer. No fliker and no stunning, CE & ROSH & FCC Approved
  • How to Install: Turn off the power-Cut a suitable opening on sheetrock-Connect the driver to the 110V power supply-Pull up the sprinng clasps and put the board snare on the gap Adjust the board to stick the roof tightly.
  • Extension Cable Provided: 5FT, 10FT, 20FT Extension Cable to broaden the separation between light apparatus and drove driver, on the off chance that you need, you can seek “B-right augmentation links” on Amazon, purchase now for your advantageous installation.

Why Choose B-right’s Panel Light?
* Upgraded Material: Die-cast avionics aluminum , extraordinary warmth scattering; Intelligent steady ebb and flow driver, great flood insurance, flame resistant, safe and durable.
* Uniform Soft Light Effects: Sideways transmit light, through the light diffuser and managing plate make uniform and delicate light impact, that is wonderful on the eyes with flash free.
* Convenient Install: Assembled the spring cuts, expel your inconveniences to introduce the clasps than different brands. In addition, each board light we added 2 Wiring Caps to effectively wire them to 110v power cable.
* 2-Year Free Warranty: We endeavoring to tune in to what the clients request and ensuring that everybody appreciates shopping at B-right. Any inquiries, you can don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we will give 100% satisfications to you.

Are they UL recorded? What’s more, be sheltered to contact insulation?
-In request to assist our clients with controlling the item cost, in this way control the value, we don’t have any significant bearing for UL recorded at present, however it’s not implies that our items has hazard to utilize it, the vast majority of clients like this item, we have essential wellbeing affirmations, similar to CE, RoHS and FCC which conform to the fundamental confirmation necessities; Constant ebb and flow drove driver; Low voltage yield and low warmth configuration, made of protection material, no flame hazard.

Suggested buy amount (Base on 107sq.ft room, 8ft introduce height):
Home (around 90-150lux): 6W: 5pcs; 9W: 3-4pcs; 12W: 2-3pcs; 15W: 2pcs; 18W: 1-2pcs
Office or Commercial: (around 180-240lux) : 6W: 9pcs; 9W: 6pcs; 12W: 5pcs; 15W: 4pcs; 18W: 3pcs


1. As per the maximum burden limit of the dimmer to introduce suitable amount in one dimmer switch.
2. Prescribed to expand the quantity of 10-20% of item to meet the item enlightenment, if the establishment tallness over 8ft.

B-right Pack of 5 Units 18W 8-inch Dimmable Round LED Panel Light 1400lm Ultra-thin 3000K Warm White LED Recessed Ceiling Lights for Home Office Commercial Lighting. 

Weight 5.55 kg
Dimensions 11 × 10 × 6.5 cm



















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