Asterom Walking Stick for Men and Women 32″-39″ Hand Carved Designer Wood Walking Canes. 

  • Walking stick for people. Hand-cut of strong oak wood. Weight limit: up to 400 pounds.
  • Ergonomic handle of this strolling stick for people is exceptionally solid and agreeable for ordinary use.
  • All our wooden sticks and strolling sticks for women and men of honor are done with eco-accommodating Danish oil and waxed with regular carnauba wax.
  • All our planner sticks accompany 2 save elastic tips for your convenience.
  • Standard length of our people’s strolling sticks is 36″, however each stick can be made to any length from 32″ to 39″ inches.

✔️ Exclusive strolling stick for people made with energy by the best specialist in Ukraine! This wooden stick will be an incredible chic help for you while strolling or an ideal present for somebody who needs it and cherishes custom strolling sticks.

✔️ A metallic axle that permits the wooden strolling stick to persist up to 400 pounds of weight fortifies this exquisite wooden stick for people. The ergonomic state of the handle is extremely durable and agreeable for ordinary utilize.

✔️ The strolling stick is hand cut from natural oak wood. All our architect sticks and strolling sticks are done with eco-accommodating hypoallergenic Danish oil and waxed with common carnauba wax.

✔️ All our extravagant strolling sticks and sticks for people have an elastic tip to secure the base part and mellow your walk, so it’s ideal for regular utilize! Each wooden strolling stick accompanies two extra elastic tips!

✔️ The standard length of our special strolling sticks is 36″ inches, yet each stick can be fabricated to any length from 32″ to 39″ inches.

✔️ How to decide legitimate strolling stick length: simply put on your shoes and measure the separation from the floor to your wrist join (with your arm loose and marginally twisted); you can gauge your old stick also.

✔️ Each our high quality strolling stick for people comprises of two sections: the handle and the pole. The handle screws into a pole with a metallic shaft.


#2 Caramel
















33" / 84cm


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