Arcos Maitre 11-Inch Carving Knife. 

  • 11-inch cutting blade uniquely intended for Spanish ham- – incredible for regular use.
  • Made in Spain by Arcos, a main European blade producer with customs extending back to 1745.
  • Arcos elite Nitrum treated steel recipe advanced with nitrogen for included hardness and dependable sharpness.
  • Nylon plastic handle is implanted with smaller scale glass globules for included quality and light resistance
  • Dishwasher safe, hand washing suggested; 10-year warranty

A cutting edge kitchen cut that slashes to the conventions of its eighteenth century Spanish beginnings, this 11-inch cutting blade (275 mm) from Arcos is a piece of its top rated Maitre arrangement, which is made to be reliably strong for ordinary nourishment prep. This 11-inch carver is exceptionally intended for cutting dainty cuts of Spanish ham (Jamón), however it will likewise effortlessly handle your dishes and poultry.

The Arcos Maitre line (see bigger image).

Including a restrictive Arcos treated steel equation called Nitrum, this sharp edge is produced using martensitic tempered steel with included molybdenum and vanadium for fortifying. It’s at that point advanced with nitrogen in Arcos’ Nitrum procedure and solidified to 53-56 HRc (on the Rockwell C scale) for additional solidness. The nylon plastic handle is mixed with miniaturized scale glass globules for added quality and light protection from anticipate blurring, and the three bolts are made of an astounding pure composite to avert erosion. Dishwasher safe, however hand washing is suggested. Sponsored by a 10-year guarantee.

Arcos Nitrum Stainless Steel

Nitrum is a nitrogen-improved tempered steel equation that is discovered only in Arcos blades. With Nitrum tempered steel, your Arcos blade will have enhanced hardness for a more drawn out enduring sharpness, improved microstructure for higher protection from erosion and outstanding edge solidness for longer periods between re-honing. The Nitrum generation process has no negative impact reporting in real time, water, or soil.


How to Correctly Sharpen Your Arcos Knife

Arcos suggests the consistent utilization of a honing steel to keep the bleeding edge of your blade well sharpened sharp.

  • Place the sharp edge of the blade on the steel at a 20 degree angle.
  • Keep the arm that is holding the steel unfaltering and swipe the sharp edge gently finished the steel keeping the point at 20 degrees.
  • Give each side of the blade an equivalent number of swipes (around 20).
  • Sharpen the opposite side of the cutting edge as previously, this time utilizing the opposite side of the sharpening steel.

Furthermore, make sure to dependably secure your fingers.

See bigger image.

Tips For Use and Maintenance

  • Wash cuts instantly after use with a mellow cleanser. Maintain a strategic distance from delayed contact with remaining food.
  • Do not utilize blanch, pop or cleansers containing chlorine or chlorides particles since they rust the steel and may make it lose its shine.
  • Avoid rubbing your blades with grating items, hard fabrics, and metallic or manufactured cleaners.
  • If you utilize a dishwasher, put your blades in with the cutting edges looking up and in discrete holders from whatever remains of your cutlery to stay away from scratching.
  • Avoid leaving your blades submerged in water for extensive stretches of time, particularly in hard or salty water that can influence metals.
  • Dry instantly with a delicate cloth.
  • Leaving your blades to dry in the dishwasher isn’t recommended.

About Arcos

Arcos is a main Spanish blade producer and one of the most established blade and cutlery makers on the planet. In 1745, Don Juan de Arcos began hand-creating the main blades and scissors set apart with the Arcos brand, and a considerable lot of these pieces are shown in the National Museum of Archeology of Madrid. Gregorio Arcos Aroca transformed the little hand-made workshop into a large scale manufacturing processing plant for proficient blades in 1875. What’s more, after a century, Gregorio Arcos Villanueva began the universal development of the organization. Today, Arcos is as yet a family possessed business and glad for its wonderful legacy.

To take in more about the historical backdrop of Arcos, see this bigger course of events picture.

Weight 0.31 kg
Dimensions 18.31 × 3.23 × 0.98 cm





















Replacement free of charge of any knife with a proven manufacturing defect within 10 years from manufacturing date






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