Innovative Marine, Aqua Gadget Accudrip Acclimator.

  • Accudrip acclimation unit “ensuring your speculation!” there’s nothing more tragic than bringing new tank tenants home and watching them pushed and damaged from disgraceful acclimation. You can decrease stun and stretch instigated infections by adapting every single new example securely and effortlessly with our expert patent-pending dribble acclimation technique.
  • Giving the smoothest change to your new tank mates is the absolute most imperative choice to shield against undesirable pain. Indeed, even the scarcest contrasts in temperature, pH, and particular Gravity (saltiness) are hindering and keeps a long sound life. The accudrip is the keen venture for migrating new domesticated animals from indicate a point B with insignificant confusions. Its’ patent-pending self-preparing siphon globule is the sterile decision to keep aquarium water off your hands and far from your mouth while showing a consistent obvious dribble check at eye level.
  • The accudrip uses an unbending tube that hangs basically on any aquarium which streams water through a straightforward self-preparing siphon globule that serves as a Visual trickle counter and is controlled with an exactness thumb wheel moving cinch. Just requires one delicate press to make a siphon ensured without fail! bearings: utilize a clean and assigned container and discharge your live fish, coral, or invertebrate alongside the water substance. Keep in mind forget to assign one pail for angle just and one for corals and spineless creatures to avoid cross sullying.


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