Anemometer ennoLogic – 8 Parameters: Wind Speed, Wind Chill, Air Temperature, Humidity, Heat Index, Dew Point, Barometric Pressure, Altitude – Digital Weather Meter with Backlight.

  • THIS POCKET-SIZED MOBILE ANEMOMETER MEASURES A LOT MORE THAN JUST WIND SPEED: The ennoLogic anemometer eA980R registers wind speed, wind chill, air temperature, moistness, warm file, dew point, barometric weight, and elevation. With all that it’s difficult to trust that this little climate station is littler than a mobile phone and effectively fits into your pocket. Be that as it may, it’s principle intention is to convey precise breeze readings and it does as such dependably between 0.4 mph and 65 mph.
  • Need TO TEST IF IT’S SAFE TO FLY YOUR DRONE? Press the power catch, hold the anemometer into the breeze and inside seconds you know the breeze speed. Utilize the Average capacity to get a more exact perusing in evolving conditions, or the Max capacity to gauge blasts. Regardless of whether you’re flying RC planes, rambles, wings, helicopters or quadcopters – this minimal ultra-light instrument can enable you to make sense of how much headwind you’re managing, which bearing you should dispatch, or if it’s excessively blustery, making it impossible to fly.
  • Valuable FOR HVAC DIY WORK: Measure HVAC enroll streams in different rooms to help offset your framework. This anemometer does not gauge cfm straightforwardly, but rather you can utilize its Average capacity and an online transformation device to appraise cfm from the velocity and size of your enroll or grille. In the event that your vents are a similar size, you can basically utilize velocity as a near relative estimation to adjust wind current of your A/C. Or on the other hand check velocity when enhancements you made.
  • Constraints TO BE AWARE OF: TEMPERATURE RESPONSE MAY BE SLOW AT ZERO AIR FLOW (5 to 10 minutes) because of the area of the sensor inside the unit. Elevation is PRESSURE ALTITUDE, in view of barometric weight. It requires adjustment at a known height to get genuine elevation and changes without changing your position if barometric weight changes. BATTERY is a LIR2032 LITHIUM BATTERY (included). Supplant it with another LIR2032 or energize it with a reasonable charger.


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