American Pain: How a Young Felon and His Ring of Doctors Unleashed America’s Deadliest Drug Epidemic

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* Finalist for the Edgar® Award in Best Fact Crime

* New York Post, “The Post‘s Favorite Books of 2015″

* Suspense Magazine‘s “Best True Crime Books of 2015”

* Finalist for Foreword Reviews‘ INDIEFAB Book of the Year in True Crime

* Publishers Weekly, Big Indie Book of Fall 2015

The ruler of the Florida pill plants was American Pain, a uber facility explicitly made to serve addicts acting like patients. From a post like previous bank building, American Pain’s specialists dispersed gigantic amounts of oxycodone to many clients daily, for the most part traffickers and addicts who dropped by the vanload. Inked muscle-heads ran the center’s security. Previous strippers worked the drug store, tallying out pills and reserving trade out trash packs. Under their laboratory garments, the specialists conveyed weapons—and it was all legitimate… kind of.

American Pain was the brainchild of Chris George, a 27-year-old sentenced medicate criminal. The child of a South Florida home manufacturer, Chris George experienced childhood in ultra-rich Wellington, where Bill Gates, Springsteen, and Madonna kept houses. Thick-necked from weightlifting, he and his twin sibling hung out with mobsters, put resources into strip clubs, fought with cops, and smiled for their mug shots. After the lodging market slowed down, a neighborhood specialist enlightened the siblings to the expanding black market for gently managed remedy painkillers. In Florida, torment facilities could apportion the meds, and nobody followed the patients. Grabbing the open door, Chris George collaborated with the specialist, and word got out. Only two years after the fact Chris had rounded up $40 million, and 90 percent of the pills his specialists endorsed streamed north to bolster whatever is left of the nation’s voracious opiates habit. In the mean time, hundreds more torment centers in the shape of American Pain had flown up in the Sunshine State, making a tremendous new medication industry.

American Pain annals the ascent and fall of this amusement changing pill factory, and how it helped tip the country into its current opioid emergency, the deadliest medication plague in American history. The account swings forward and backward amongst Florida and Kentucky, and is populated by a vainglorious and different cast of characters. This incorporates the confused band of rich terrible young men, hooligans and regarded doctors who manufactured American Pain, and also poverty stricken Kentucky families who changed themselves into painkiller trafficking rings. It incorporates addicts whose lives were crushed by American Pain’s medications, and the government operators and lamenting moms who toiled for a considerable length of time to bring the facility’s team to justice.


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