All in One Sous Vide Precision Cooker Includes 20 BPA Free Food Vacuum Bags,1000Watts,120V White/Stainless. 

  • ‘SOUS VIDE’ cooking procedure is colossally prevalent on the planet. Appreciate low temperature vacuum cooking at home as well.
  • All-in-One SOUS VIDE machine that joins together the innovation that keeps up water’s temperature steady dependably and the ideal sustenance fixing vacuum bundling innovation, was launched!
  • Enjoy top of the line nourishment of the quality eatery gauge at home as well!
  • How to utilize aio sous vide machine:
WHAT IS ‘SOUS VIDE’ COOKING TECHNIQUE? ‘SOUS VIDE’ alludes to the low temperature vacuum in French. This is another cooking method that involves cooking at vacuum state at a temperature that is lower than that of the conventional cooking temperature (100℃). It requires a cooking procedure which involves setting in the vacuum bundled sustenance fixings in the steady temperature water shower that keeps up the precise temperature. It is conceivable to make separated new taste and mouth feel, difficult to make with customary cooking technique, through this process!
Dimensions 0.11 × 0.07 × 0.12 cm



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