Ajo Morado Purple Garlic by José Andrés Foods

  • Four crisp knobs of purple garlic from Cuenca
  • Milder and sweeter than white garlic
  • Great for gazpacho, alioli or garlic shrimp
  • From Las Pedroñeras, an IGP ensured name
  • Rich in antioxidants
Ajo morado is an extraordinary sort of garlic, with a mellow, sweet flavor and notes of citrus and green onions. Utilize it for Spanish works of art like crisp gazpacho soup, garlic shrimp or alioli sauce. Once simmered it turns out to be sweet and spreadable, idealize with broil meats and new bread.The proprietors of La Veguilla deliver the best garlic in Spain from their fields close Cuenca. They are pleased to tend to the land and the condition that creates the garlic that they love so much.A few words about this thing from cook José Andrés:”The purple garlic from the town of Los Pedroñeras is incredible. Zesty when eaten crude yet less impactful than its more typical cousin, this flawlessly hued garlic goes up against a smooth, sweet flavor when cooked. Purple garlic’s uniqueness is because of the atmosphere of the area, known as the garlic capital of Spain, and the commitment of its kin to this neighborhood custom. Reaped just at the pinnacle of the season, arranged with no added substances, and bundled with awesome care to save freshness, this purple garlic is more expressive than white – more sensitive, more intricate. Utilize generously, beside being incredibly delightful, the compound in charge of the flawless tint is an intense cancer prevention agent. Solid and tasty? More please!”



José Andrés Foods






José Andrés Foods


José Andrés Foods


José Andrés Foods




8.8 oz/250 gr – 4 garlic bulbs


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