Friends Forever Jumbo 2 in 1 Large Premium Cat Scratcher Lounge, Colossal , Corrugated Ergonomic Cardboard Lounge Scratch Post Angled (Walnut Brown). 

  • LONG, DURABLE, NATURAL 2 of every 1 SCRATCHING POST. Shield the creature in your feline from doing the unsatisfactory, scratching your home or furniture! This plan has a more extended impression than other feline scratchers, keeping your feline engaged and lured. Point the feline scratcher in different blends, make a grade, passage, or stack the scratchers to make a vertical pinnacle. The solid plan is prevalent, averts tipping.
  • COLOSSAL IN SIZE. Outside XL Scratcher Measures 34inches x 12inches x 11inches. 25% Larger contrasted with other feline scratchers. Inside Large Size Scratcher Measures 27inches x 8inches x 10.5 inches. 4x the scratching surface than customary scratchers. No amass asked. Your feline can truly get settled and extend out.
  • UNIQUE 2 of every 1 REVERSIBLE DESIGN. Felines can conceal their toys in the pattern. The outter piece draws in simple climbing and enables in excess of one feline to play at once. They can embed himself into the lounger pattern and lay like a bed or love seat and effectively pop his hairy head out.
  • MADE WITH 100% RECYCLED CARDBOARD. Non-Toxic, ecologically agreeable material is recyclable, decreasing your carbon impression. Honor your feline with the free Organic Catnip (included) which your feline will completely love.

Tired of obtaining feline items that your cat friends and family get exhausted of, quickly? Friends Forever® feline scratcher fills something beyond one need.

Multi Purpose Scratcher

Felines adore it for relaxing, playing, and dozing as well! Scratching is a characteristic feline conduct that encourages them to calm stressplus getting the additional advantage of excercize.

Deter the Scratch Master

Your furniture & blinds will thank you as well. Intended for proprietors hoping to recover their homes. At last a pet item with a sleek plan that streams with your home style. Rather than scratching your furniture, your felines will gladly scratch the more affordable and better feeling cardboard. Produced using 100% reused natural cardboard . This alluring & current outline will fit into any rooms stylistic layout. The outside substantial scratcher measures 34x12x11″, the inner little scratcher mesures. The biggest feline scratcher with the most scratching surface in the market yet.


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Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 35 × 12.99 × 11.5 cm

Friends Forever


Walnut Brown








Friends Forever






Friends Forever








Friends Forever




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