12.5 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with Silicone Hot Handle Holder – Utopia Kitchen. 

  • This 12.5 inches skillet dish is reasonable for both stovetop and broiler for equally cooking wide range of suppers; silicon handle that gives a safe and agreeable grasp when taking care of hot cookware on the stovetop
  • While cast press doesn’t drain chemicals, it can filter some iron into your nourishment and that is entirely useful for health
  • Cast press cookware is nearly less smoother than the Non-Stick cookware.
  • To clean cast press, never utilize cleanser; basically scour your skillet with a solid brush and high temp water and dry it totally; it isn’t dishwasher safe
  • You can make or toast breads, meals, egg dishes, burgers, chicken, fish and that’s just the beginning; after each utilization, and especially after you wash it with water, you should completely dry and condition the container with oil for longer durability

Get the most incentive for your cash with Top Rated Professional Grade Cooking Equipment!Cast-press skillets may appear like an antiquated decision in the kitchen. In any case, this trustworthy cookware is an unquestionable requirement in the cutting edge kitchen. Cast-press skillets direct warmth flawlessly, go from stovetop to broiler with no issue and keep going for a considerable length of time. The Utopia Kitchen pre prepared cast press skillet conveys conventional and more beneficial cookware to your kitchen.

Ideal for cooking, steaks, vegetables, and that’s just the beginning. It can be utilized as a part of the broiler or over an endeavored or campfire.Pre prepared, that exquisite sheen on cast press cookware is the indication of a very much prepared cookware, which renders it for all intents and purposes nonstick. The wellbeing reward, obviously, is that you won’t have to utilize gads of oil to dark colored fresh potatoes or singe chicken when cooking in cast press.

Measure: 12.5 Inches

How to re season skillet? To season your cast press skillet, cover the base of the container with a thick layer of genuine salt and a half inch of cooking oil, at that point warm until the point when the oil begins to smoke. Precisely empty the salt and oil into a bowl, at that point utilize a chunk of paper towels to rub within the container until the point that it is smooth.

Advantage to utilizing cast press dish set up of nonstick container is that you stay away from the hurtful chemicals that are found in nonstick skillet. The anti-agents covering that shields nourishment from adhering to nonstick pots and container contains PFCs (perfluorocarbons), a synthetic that is connected to liver harm, growth, formative issues.


Weight 8.1 kg
Dimensions 16.3 × 12.3 × 2.9 cm



Utopia Kitchen






Utopia Kitchen




12.5 inch


Utopia Kitchen






Utopia Kitchen


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