YOSH Magnetic Phone Car Mount Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder with Premium Design for Mobile Device, Smartphone, Mini Tablets, etc. (Matte Black). 

  • BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Item bundling is perfect and uniformly set inside, with no free bundling to scrounge around amid messenger conveyance. Item and all adornments are wrapped with singular bundling for additional insurance. Despite the fact that it’s plastic, it’s very decent to take a gander at in a nostalgic kind of way.
  • NOW, YOU CAN EASILY BRING YOUR OLD FAVORITES TO LIFE! You should simply control the converter utilizing either your capacity bank, phone charger or your PC and after that join a USB streak plate. While the tape is playing, press the “record” catch to begin recording. Press the account catch again to quit recording and spare the MP3 document in the USB flash.
  • WHEN THE ’90s MEET 2017 IT’S AMAZING! The tape player is made a similar way it used to be, that is the span of a somewhat fat Walkman. It is made of solid plastic like those indestructible Walkman gadgets you used to have. Indeed, it completes an ideal employment as a Walkman, playing the tapes or MP3 of thumb drive without converting.
  • WHAT COULD BE A BETTER GIFT FOR YOUR FRIENDS? EZCAP231 Standalone Cassette/Tape to MP3 Converter is a lovable present for anybody searching for a basic and powerful method for getting those old recollections spared onto a sturdy and a substantially more open configuration. Be that as it may, it’s not just about music. This can likewise give another rent of life to your dialect courses purchased on tape numerous years ago.

Now You Can Have Your Old Memories Revived Safely!

Despite the fact that the tape is basically dead, there are as yet untold a huge number of tapes sitting in cardboard boxes and cupboards everywhere throughout the world.

A large number of these tapes contain content you can’t get in advanced configuration. One of a kind voice chronicles, demo tapes, radio communicates and more are caught on attractive tape and vanish always when those tapes are at long last tossed out. Be that as it may, there is an approach to carry them into the advanced period.

Our Cassette to MP3 converter enables you to recoup the sound on your tapes by exchanging them onto a Flash plate and changing over them into a computerized organize. This is extraordinary on the off chance that regardless you have your old tape gathering that you need to revive or on the off chance that you essentially need to document your tapes so you can at long last dispose of them.

How It Works

Our Cassette to MP3 converter keeps running on USB control when associated with your PC as well as your capacity bank or your mobile phone charger for adaptable task.

With this tape to MP3 converter, you can undoubtedly change over your old tape to MP3, without a PC. You simply need to plug a USB streak circle on and after that press the “record” catch.


Power supply: Any USB port power supply (5V DC connector, USB from PC, cell phone charger or power bank)/Format of USB streak: Supports FAT, FAT32, ex FAT/Working time: 2 hours with 2*AA battery/Dimensions: 11.3*8.2*3.2cm/Weight: 186g (without batteries)

Please be educated that earphones are excluded in the item. If you don’t mind be set up with your own headphones.

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Dimensions 4.1 × 3.3 × 1.4 cm







Wireless Phone Accessory
















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