Solar Brite Solar Fairy Lights 120 Super Bright Blue LED Decorative String, Choice of Light Effect. Ideal for Trees, Gardens, Parties & More…

  • Multipurpose – Ideal for making that extraordinary mystical inclination for Christmas & Thanksgiving and other happy gatherings, patios, pergolas, lakes, trees, tents, dividers, sheds and pretty much anyplace else you can think to utilize them!
  • Free to run – No running costs, no costly wiring and definitely no mains power required. LEDs require scarcely any vitality and the lights endure forever so you absolutely never need to supplant the knobs as you do with regular lighting systems.
  • Eco inviting – Go green this year and set aside to 100% on vitality costs with these excellent sun oriented fueled pixie lights. Sun based lights truly are an incredible choice for the home and garden as well as for the planet as well.
  • Easy to introduce – Solar Brite is anything but difficult to set up. Essentially expel from the bundling and put them wherever you want. The light string is 39 ft long with an extra 6.5 ft wire for situating. The lights accompany a decision of divider mount and garden stake for you to pick any position and move effectively in the event that you so desire
  • Choose an impact the board accompanies a change to browse glimmering or steady light. The board likewise gives you the alternative to kill the lights on the off chance that you wish to. At the point when on the sensor in the board consequently turns the lights on when it gets dark.
As well as sprinkling their otherworldly clean and taking teeth, pixies have turned out to be known for being circuit testers – Nights become animated with Solar Brite!
Dreams of saddling the light of a million pixies are settled on significantly simpler with the decision of Solar Brite pixie lights. The effective and durable LED globules sparkle utilizing sunlight based power, making them companion to nature and refuting the requirement for mains power. Prepared to utilize straight from the case, the 39 ft long dull green wire is intended for hanging over trees, summer houses, lodges, pool territories, gazebos, yards, tents, and excessively prompt Christmas trees. Light sensor innovation is another radiant expansion, enabling lights to turn on consequently at nightfall. Clients can likewise switch between steady brilliance and flashes of brilliance.

* Ready to utilize
* No mains power required
* Eco-accommodating
* Light knobs never require supplanting
* Light string measures 39 ft
* Additional 6.5 ft wire for situating
* Option for blazing or steady light
* Automatic light sensors

If you’re hoping to appreciate dynamite lights with a complex care for nightfall – Solar Brite is for you!
They give any circumstance a radical new look when murkiness falls and make an astounding impact when the sun goes down. These genuinely delightful sun powered pixie lights are extremely easy to introduce, revive themselves amid the day and, when they sense haziness falling, naturally switch on and illuminate making an astonishing state of mind and climate.
This mark is gathering significant acknowledgment and we know you won’t be disillusioned with the super splendid blue shine that Solar Brite delivers.

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 6.4 × 6.3 × 3.2 cm



Solar Brite


Solar Brite






Solar Brite






Solar Brite


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