• CUT THROUGH WOOD WITH EASE-This cordless roundabout saw is the go-to wood-cutting apparatus for DIY extends around the house.
  • LONGER RUN TIME & BATTERY LIFE-The PWRCore 20 Lithium Battery has a creative temperature the executives framework to keep battery cool and driving on through your project.
  • FAST AND CLEAN CUTS-Make your cuts quick and exact with the device’s thin-kerf, carbide-tipped sharp edge, with 24 teeth.
  • MORE CONFIDENT CUTS – The Circular Saw Guide helps keep the cut straight.
  • QUICK BEVEL ADJUSTMENT-An incline cutting limit from 0-50 degrees implies you can achieve the most regularly cut angles.
  • QUICK DEPTH ADJUSTMENT-Effortless change of cutting profundity with a most extreme limit of 2-1/8 inch at 90 degrees.
  • EASY GRIP HANDLE-Ergonomic plan for two-gave activity guarantees you have an agreeable and adjusted grip.
  • ENHANCED SAFETY-Lock-Off switch gives an additional layer of safety.
  • LED ILLUMINATION-LED lights let you obviously observe your cutline, regardless of whether the light is dim.

The Go-To Cordless Circular Saw

Make exact, quick and effective slices through wood with the SKIL 20V 6-1/2 Inch Cordless Circular Saw. From building new retires to building another deck, this is a definitive power apparatus you need on your side. This cordless 20V roundabout saw accompanies a 2.0Ah PWRCore 20 Lithium Battery and 20V Charger to keep it controlled up, so you can accomplish more.

Increasingly About This Product:

  • – Ideal for cutting wood
  • – Powerful engine with speed settings up to 4,500 RPM
  • – 6-1/2 inch ultra-thin, 24-tooth, carbide-tipped cutting edge
  • – Bevel limit up to 50 degrees
  • – Depth change limit of 2-1/8 crawls at 90 degrees
  • – Ergonomic plan with simple hold handle
  • – Lock Off switch
  • – Rigid steel base plate
  • – Saw line direct
  • – LED light

Increasingly About SKIL 2.0Ah PWRCore 20 Lithium Battery:

  • – Patented PWRCore 20 Lithium Battery innovation
  • – Green LED fuel check
  • – Pair with any SKIL 20V item

Increasingly About SKIL 20V Charger:

  • – Charges 2.0Ah battery in 50 minutes
  • – Charge status pointer light
  • – Back openings for divider mounting
  • – Charges all SKIL 20V devices

About SKIL PWRCore 20 Technology:

The PWRCore 20 framework includes a wide scope of items upheld by industry-driving innovation. The PWRCore 20 Lithium Battery has a licensed temperature the board framework that outcomes in longer run time and longer battery life. Every phone is encompassed by progressive stage change materials to keep the battery cool and driving through any project.

SKIL 20V 6-1/2 Inch Cordless Circular Saw, Includes 2.0Ah PWRCore 20 Lithium Battery and Charger – CR540602

Weight 11.25 kg
Dimensions 14.3 × 8.9 × 8.5 cm









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5 year limited warranty




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