iPhone 8 Screen Protector (Total Coverage)[2-Pack], ILLUMI AquaShield Full Coverage Screen Protector for iPhone 8 HD Clear Anti-Bubble Film. 

  • Industry driving iLLumiShield Lifetime Warranty! Ought to your ILLUMI AquaShield screen defender for iPhone 8 ever wear, essentially get in touch with us for an issue free replacement
  • Military review film utilized as a part of making ILLUMI AquaShield iPhone 8 screen defenders is intended to withstand scratches, imprints, rub that would hurt your gadget. Thin yet tough, ILLUMI AquaShield screen covers give premium edge-to-edge security without including pointless bulk.
  • UV-safe layer anticipates yellowing guaranteeing your screen remains perfectly clear for improved review joy not at all like matte complete and security protectors.
  • Virtually Invisible – ILLUMI AquaShield perfectly clear HD defenders are smooth to the touch and keep your gadget completely responsive. Experience frictionless swiping on account of the glass-like surface of the ILLUMI AquaShield multi-layered film
  • Unique silicone glue layer guarantees an issue and air pocket free establishment. The wet-introduce process takes into consideration changes amid the establishment for better results

ILLUMI AquaShield Ultra Clear HD Screen Protector for iPhone 8 The progressive and best approach to keep your most loved cell phone ensured is with ILLUMI AquaShield premium HD perfectly clear iPhone 8 screen protector. Made utilizing military-review materials, AquaShield defenders are intended to keep your gadget secured against the rigors of regular daily existence. ILLUMI AquaShield defenders are produced using a special film that is the hardest in its class and highlights a self-recuperating UV-safe layer that avoids yellowing as well as opposes scratches, imprints, and scraped areas.

It’s as though it’s not in any case there!

  • Virtually imperceptible – 99.9% Ultra Crystal Clear.
  • State-of-the-craftsmanship producing process brings about exact protectors.
  • Outermost defensive layer offers a glass-like feel while keeping your screen completely protected.
  • Wet Install – Unique establishment process takes into account development amid the establishment for best results.

Prolong the Life and Retain the Value of Your Device

  • Military-review film utilized is made to withstand scratches, marks and abrasions.
  • Prevents clean, grime, and soil from gathering on your device.
  • Self-mending UV-safe layer anticipates yellowing and keeps your gadget in unblemished condition.
  • Comes with an industry-driving Lifetime Warranty that is certain to frighten off the competition.
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