[6W Panel Foldable] HKYH Solar Mobile Light System, Solar Home DC System Kit, 3.7V Lithium Battery – 6W Foldable Panel Solar Home System Kit – including 3 Cell Phone Charger – 2 LED Lights. 

  • New Product Promotion!!!HKYH licensed sunlight based lighting framework is a totally autonomous off-lattice control system,with a foldable sun oriented board with bigger power output.
  • It can add enlightenment to require areas,or utilize the 5V 2A to rapidly charge cellphone and advanced devices.
  • It’s ideal decision for outdoors, angling, cultivating or wherever without electrical supply.It’s additionally an integral lighting for crisis and indoor.
  • The controller box has a battery-powered lithium battery inside.The inicator light on the container demonstrates the measure of intensity stored.Green light means near full power.Flickering red light means few or not very many power left.
  • For more nitty gritty data please check the depiction below.

Solar Mobile Light System:

This sun powered versatile lighting framework contains sunlight based board, controller with premium lithium battery inside, LED knobs and related wires. It includes the advantage of natural cordial, protected, simple to introduce, adaptable utility, broadly utilized for wild and home lighting.


Waterproof: IP44 Solar board: Polycrystalline 5V 6W

Battery: Lithium battery,3.7V 8AH

Light source: 2x2W LED lights with 5 meter wire


1.Mobile Charging Outlet: Output 5V 2A, cellphone full charge 2.5 times, with circuit over-release security, spare power naturally: swing to resting mode following 10 minutes once at ON position with no yield stack, the marker light kill. The outlet begins to trade control it associate with any heap again naturally.

2.Solar board charging time: around 4-6 hours(strong and coordinate light)

3.Illumination time after battery completely charged:1x2W – 12hours; 2x2W – 6hours.

4.System lifetime: Solar board 15 years,LED globule 5 years, lithium battery 2-3 years.

5.Power presentation pointer light: the intensity of battery falls into 4 categories(from level 1 control near zero to level 4 near full power):Power level 1 – red light glinting; Power level 2 – red light remains on; Power level 3 – orange light remains on; Power level 4 – green light remains on.

System Accessories:

1. 2 pc 5 meter wire for every one of 2W LED light with ON/OFF switch. Sun powered board with 5 meter wire.

2. 1 pc of cellphone charging wire,1 meter long, with normal android plug.1 pc of converter plug for Iphone 4, 1 pc of converter plug for Iphone 5.

3. 2 pcs Tapping screw, 2 pcs plastic anchor.

Weight 2.55 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 7.4 × 4.1 cm









White Solar Panel Kit




Lighting System Set










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