Guardian Drones SPECTRE Quadcopter Drone 2.4 Ghz 4 Channels 6 Axis Remote Control Drone.

  • Stable Flights: with 2.4GHz innovation, 6 – Axis Gyro System for security and empowering different flight movements.
  • Fast/Slow Mode: This empowers you to encounter two diverse approaches to fly. We prescribe moderate mode for beginners.
  • 3D Flips: This automaton can play out the 360-degree flip rollovers with one key. You would combo be able to flips if the automaton has the privilege altitude.
  • LEDs – Two shading leds so you generally know where the front of your Guardian is going even at night.
  • Flight Time: 5-7 Minutes. Charging Time: a hour Range: 30-45 Meters
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Weight 0.86 kg
Dimensions 8.19 × 8.11 × 3.58 cm





Guardian Drones


Guardian Drones






Guardian Drones


Guardian Drones






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