Drip Irrigation Faucet Adapter Kit: Connect 1/2″ Tubing to Faucet or Hose, Backflow Preventer, Filter, Pressure Regulator – No Assembly Required. 

  • Ensure precise and solid trickle framework execution with this across the board fixture to dribble water system association pack. Interface your trickle water system framework to your water supply, keep out trash with a channel, keep up ideally low stream water weight, and avoid earth reverse all with a solitary pre-collected unit.
  • Connect ½” tubing to any standard ¾” male outside fixture, hose bibb, nozzle, cultivate hose or sprinkler complex in seconds for a simple fit. Watertight connector is good with any 1/2″ tubing sizes .520 to .620 ID (internal distance across) including Rain Bird and Dig.
  • Kit contains a dribble water system reverse preventer, 150 work channel, top-quality Senninger 25 PSI weight controller valve, as of now set up together and prepared to utilize immediately.
  • Don’t make due with holes and victories. Our tough gathering contains just the most elevated quality parts to guarantee appropriately working, exact and predictable weight decrease and reverse counteractive action. Senninger 25 PSI weight reducer is 100% water tried for exactness and known worldwide for its solid performance.
  • Save cash and time purchasing all that you require without a moment’s delay. Kick off your trickle water system establishment with this arrangement of fundamental segments for building a support free dribble framework. Perfect for use with raised garden beds, private, cultivate and agrarian watering applications.

For each water system framework expansive to humble, everything starts at the fixture.

Qty: 1 Pack. You will get one finish pre-gathered pack. Pack Contains:• Faucet to 1/2″ Tubing Connector (associate any standard ¾” male spigot or garden hose to any ½” dribble line)• Senninger Pressure Regulator 25 PSI – Low Flow Pressure Regulator Landscape Grade (keeps up sprinkler or bead stream, dispersion consistency, general framework efficiency)• Backflow Preventer (forestall soil reverse into your principle water supply)• Mesh Filter (pre-introduced inside reverse preventer to keep out flotsam and jetsam, expels effortlessly to wash clean)

Weight 0.26 kg
Dimensions 8.19 × 5.16 × 1.46 cm













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