Brightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp – Modern Living Room Standing Minimalist Dimmable Light for Bedroom, Dorm or Office – Silver. 

  • STYLISH & FUTURISTIC CURVED DESIGN: Embrace advanced state of mind lighting with this bow formed, ultra-thin LED light source on a metal stand. The standing light helpfully curves over drafting tables, work areas, couches, or chairs, and its weighted base guarantees that it won’t tip over. Stature reaches out to roughly 67 inches, yet can be changed to a couple of inches bring down with a delicate change of the stem ebb and flow to accomplish idealize lighting to see your perusing, composing, work of art, and studies.
  • BEAUTIFUL BRIGHT LIGHT TO ENLIVEN YOUR SPACE: The lit up, thin bended plan of this light has a skimming appearance and its lean casing twists around your couch, work area, work seat, or creating table in a circular segment of light. The 3,000 Kelvin shading temperature and 2,000 lumens of this light make it sufficiently splendid for perusing or working yet it is still simple on touchy eyes. The Sparq Arc Floor Lamp will encompass you with warm white light to serenely enlighten any piece of your home or office.
  • LONG LASTING & ENERGY SAVING FLOOR LAMP The Brightech Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp incorporates an inherent light with a 15 Watt enduring, control sparing LED light source so you will never need to supplant a knob. Its propelled LED innovation enables it to surpass lights that rely upon brief, vitality devouring standard halogen or radiant globules. This LED lighting will persevere for over 20 years without wearing out or overheating. Spare cash and vitality with the Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp.
  • EASILY DIMMABLE FLOOR LAMP: This floor light has an advantageous worked in dimmer foot petal that enables you to change the splendor of the angled light. Select among 3 distinctive light levels running from super splendid to delicate, encompassing state of mind lighting with the goal that you can achieve the ideal lighting for your space. The dimmable component makes this light the ideal lighting answer for any space.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED WARRANTY: Our objective at Brightech is to give inventive, creative, and delightful lighting with the goal that everybody can have quality, top of the line lighting in their home and office. We gladly remain behind the majority of our items 100%, which is the reason we offer an entire multi year guarantee. On the off chance that for any reason you are not happy with your buy, it would be ideal if you reach us in light of the fact that our main objective is consumer loyalty and we are focused on influencing it to ideal for you.

The Leaning Tower Of LightAvailable in Silver or Black, the Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp by Brightech conveys the moon to homes and workspaces. This creative plan roosts a lit up bow formed LED light apparatus on a wire-thin metal base. The moon-like light bends over you as you read, make exercise designs, or contemplate. Both the stature and shine are movable. A foot pedal switch works the power and dimmer capacities. Step once to switch on at 100%, a second tap diminishes the bend to half, a third step brings darken light to 30%. Tap a fourth time to control the unsupported light off. The foot pedal works all the more proficiently when you are shoeless or wearing socks. Shoes and boots off please!

Cool Breeze Under The Moonlight

On account of the propelled LED innovation, the sickle light emission never overheats. It remains cool to the touch twilight of utilization! The 3,000 Kelvin shading temperature is sufficiently brilliant for perusing, yet delicate and delicate on the eyes. Utilizing just 15 watts, it’s a genuine vitality saver as well! In spite of the thin shape, the Sparq Arc Floor Lamp encompasses you with warm white light that instills a quiet air.

What’s in the container and how can everything fit together? Sparq’s crate measures 11″ wide by 53″ tall. It contains the Arc LED head, a pencil-thin silver or dark completed stem, a numbered outline for gathering, a power string with appended on/off pedal switch, and a weighted base in its own particular separate smaller than expected box. The stem fits effortlessly into the base by transforming it clockwise a few times until fixed safely into base. You won’t require a screwdriver! The Arc apparatus connects straightforwardly into the highest point of the stem. You may hear a slight snap as they adjust, no turning fundamental. Stands roughly 5 ½ feet tall when completely gathered. Upper stem and apparatus may tilt a little as you position them to the correct recognize; this is ordinary. Stands well on covered floor and slides effortlessly crosswise over cover where you need it to be.

Weight 7.1 kg
Dimensions 53.5 × 11 × 2.2 cm





















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