Bottleless Countertop Water Dispenser, (Dispenser Only) or choose from (9 Different Filtration System Options to Choose From) by Brio and Magic Mountain Water Products (White). 

  • Click on the COLOR, at that point tap on one of the filtration packagers starting from the drop menu to see the cost and photos of the distinctive filtration packages.
  • This is the 20″ Tall ledge bottleless water allocator, in white. There is a 17″ Tall form accessible called the “White Mini”. This bundle enables you to buy only the “gadget” without a filtration bundle, or establishment kit.
  • COLD WATER SUPPLY: 1-gallon, with the capacity to chill TWENTY 6 some super cold water every hour. Boiling WATER SUPPLY: (1 ½-quart stockpiling tank) with the capacity to warm FOURTY-FIVE 6 some steaming water for each hour 4-gallon bladder water stockpiling tank.
  • GREAT EMERGENCY WATER SUPPLY: Filters stores and secures your water supply with or without power, as all highlights are mechanical. Be careful with water distributors with electronic fixtures, when you require the water above all else in a power-blackout or tempest, electronic spigots won’t apportion water, where this one will. (Note Dispenser: won’t warmth or chill w/o electric, however will channel, store, ensure, and administer water w/o power). Incredible amid power outages.
  • 10 YEAR PRORATED WARRANTY on allocator. LONGEST IN THE INDUSTRY Dimensions: 10.5″ Wide x 19.75″ High x 18.0″ Deep
This is a well thoroughly considered bottleless ledge water allocator. It’s lovely plan is just outperformed by it’s unrivaled development, and with a multi year guarantee you have no stresses. The exquisite structure supplements any style home or office. It is ideal for run of the mill use of 1-50 individuals. Hot & Cold: This bottleless cooler/gadget has moment chilly and youngster safe high temp water spigots. The fixed, tempered steel store holds 1-gallon of super cold water. The hot tank is likewise pure and holds 1.2 liters of steaming water. The water is apportioned at 180 degrees. Outer: The UV-safe bureau is anything but difficult to perfect and exceptionally tough. The “trickle plate” lifts out and is dishwasher safe. Inner: Equipped with a best quality, calm 1.7A blower. Parts are without lead as characterized by the Safe Drinking Water Act, and the Lead Free Contamination Control Act. CSA and Energy Star Certified. The cooler is disinfected and fixed at the plant. This is only the Bottleless Cooler w/o a filtration bundle, HOWEVER it is completely prepared to join on to your city water supply with your very own decision of filtration. Accompanies 1/4″ line to associate with your water supply.
Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 23 × 21 × 13 cm



Brio and Magic Mountain Water Products




Brio and Magic Mountain Water Products








Dispenser Only w/o filter or insulation kit




Brio and Magic Mountain Water Products






Brio and Magic Mountain Water Products


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