7-in-1 Spin Facial Brush for Perfect Skin – Portable, Water Resistant & Multi-Purpose: Exfoliate Dead Skin, Remove Makeup, Remove Calluses, Stimulate Collagen, Microdermabrasion & More!.

  • ONE ESSENTIAL SYSTEM FOR ALL SKIN CONCERNS. With 7 distinctive 360 degree turning heads, we’re certain there’s an answer for any skin issue you may have. From harsh, callused heels, to a pain-filled face requiring a face knead – this framework is the answer for you.
  • SMOOTH AWAY DARK SPOTS & SCARRING FROM ACNE, TEXTURE, FINE LINES AND WRINLKES. The turning and rubbing movement of the brush heads invigorates blood stream and advances collagen production.
  • WATER RESISTANT, CORDLESS & EASY TO USE. Wipe dry after each utilization. Requires 2 AA batteries (excluded) and accompanies two speed settings. Simply pull off the present head and fly on the head you need to utilize. Ideal for ordinary at home or in a hurry use.
  • REMOVE MAKEUP INSTANTLY. Use with your most loved cosmetics chemical and watch how quick and adequately your cosmetics washes off. Super compelling at expelling willful cosmetics, sunscreen, natural contamination and developed grime.
  • PREVENT ACNE BREAKOUTS, INFLAMMATION, REDUCE CONGESTION AND MINIMIZE PORES. Skin tone is in a split second brighter and turns out to be all the more even with standard utilize. The turning movement of the brush likewise invigorates collagen generation for more youthful looking, brighter skin.

We have you secured from your make a beeline for your toes. No, genuinely! We have a shedding dismiss to take developed grime, soil and makeup off your face however in the event that you’ve likewise got some funky looking calluses, we have a pumice stone connection to rapidly address that issue before you advance out the house in a few shoes.

We at Grace & Stella cherish utilizing this quick and powerful turn brush as a result of how smooth your skin looks (bye bye wrinkles) and how brilliant you care for (death to dim spots!). Besides, the turning movement and vibration is great for blood stream and collagen stimulation. That is correct, you can make proper acquaintance with restored, gleaming skin! Awesome for all skin types in light of the fact that there’s milder or stiffer swarmed brush heads relying upon how delicate your skin is.


This set incorporates 7 diverse brush heads:

  • ✮ POLISHING – For feet. To tenderly scour off minor dead skin. Use on wet feet.
  • ✮ SHORT BRISTLE BRUSH – For confront. To help expel cosmetics and soil while peeling the skin. We suggest applying a dime-sized measure of your most loved chemical onto the brush. Incredible for those persistent clogged pores, particularly congested on the nose.
  • ✮ MAKE-UP SPONGE – For confront. To apply cosmetics or face creams and serums.
  • ✮ LATEX SOFT SPONGE – For face and body. To tenderly scrub face without an excess of peeling. Apply a dime-sized measure of your most loved chemical onto the brush.
  • ✮ MASSAGER – For confront. To knead confront and fortify blood course for a sound gleam. We suggest utilizing this subsequent to applying your face salve or oils.
  • ✮ PUMICE STONE – For feet. To swamp off obstinate calluses. Use on wet feet.
  • ✮ LONG BRISTLE BRUSH – For confront. For a gentler method to evacuate cosmetics and soil while shedding the skin. Use in the same was as you would with the short swarm brush head.


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 7.2 × 4.4 × 2 cm



Grace & Stella Co.








Grace & Stella Co.






Comes with 7 different multi-purpose heads


Grace & Stella Co.




Grace & Stella Co.


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